Canoe and Kayak Criminal Rescue Safety Scam

1500 American and Canadian Adults and Children Die Agonizing Deaths Since 1993

Tim Ingram

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This is an online book regarding the Criminal Rescue Safety Scandal of the North American Canoe and Kayak Industry.
Please Read The Deadly Paddle Float Fraud at Sea Kayaker Magazine for a more concise chronicle of Canoe and Kayak Safety   Simply bookmark this website. (This book will be changed and edited at times. But the rescue safety facts are historical record.) It is free to use for everyone and it provides insight into the subject: rescue safety for canoes and kayaks. There is legal assistance for the large numbers of berieved from this rescue safety scam, despite the very small industry. The industry's definitions of the words "rescue" and "safety" are actually misleading and deliberately endangering to life in any normal sense of the words; with the intent to sell ever more "rescues" to innocent citizens. And not get them out of the water with a fool-proof and fail-safe "rescue", that is true "safety", according to normal people who value human life. (The death numbers are found in BARD at the US Coast Guard website and in the Canadian Red Cross Database, using coroner's offices across Canada.)

Canoes and kayaks are as dangerous as possible, with no built-in and fool-proof means of rescue and safety, for good reason: To make money for special interest groups as well as psychologically stroke certain human beings, who derive pleasure from their "superiority" to the dead, that does not in fact exist. These instructors cannot match the rescue safety capabilities of 10 year old girls having No instruction or experience; as the pictures show below. This is against the larger interests of society, to say nothing of the agonized deaths of the victims, and the needless grieving of their families. It is a horrible and obvious crime

Do you find this hard to believe? It is a nasty fact that some people will bully and exploit vulnerable persons, for money or simply the power and control over others. Fraud artists and sadistic murderers are both well documented criminal groups. If society does not enforce the law, citizens will be exploited and killed in increasing numbers. These canoe and kayak victims exist by the grace of their government departments: Homeland Security in America, and Transport Canada.

Grieving Families may wish to read:
Any two 10 year old children with 50 cent sponson floats are easily able to rescue themselves and any other victims in the water within 5 seconds, even self-bail in seconds by leaning slightly, both floats 6 inches below gunwale line (see the pictures); just as simple to understand as the lifesaving rings at every waterfront in Ontario, thrown to victims in the water; since most victims do not sink immediately but struggle on the surface for a time. Obvious, basic, 50 cent floats called sponsons, clipped onto the gunwales in 5 seconds in emergencies, before or after capsize.

The website  has recently completed the webpage to concisely provide evidence by honest canoe and kayak instructors who state their rescues don't work and the instruction scam, killing so many innocent school children and adults, is an obvious Ponzi scam. It is still supported by police and government attorneys to avoid public backlash against such a blatant governmental scandal over many years. The grieving families are best motivated to hold these corrupt officials, and the murderous instructor cult members to account. Facebook is an effective weapon against these murderers. All that needs to happen is the realization that there are no "rescues". In fact the Ponzi Scheme "rescues" make canoes and kayaks as unstable as possible in emergencies in order to make them as dangerous as possible, to create as much demand as possible for the very expensive and never-ending Ponzi instruction, that can get no-one safely out of the water.

Note: Class Action Lawsuit 2011: Page for Grieving Families and Friends in Canada, the U.S. and U.K.

This is a lifesaving webpage designed to prevent canoe and kayak deaths, the most easily preventable category of death in Canada and the U.S. The victims, a large percentage being school children, are already dead. Most people do not even use canoes and kayaks, contrary to profit driven mis-information. In fact, if used at all, canoes and kayaks are used only a few hours annually. The death rate is far beyond what could be reasonably expected from such a small industry, a death rate far above the most dangerous vehicles on the road, in use hours. The US Coast Guard report 071-01 reveals: "Canoes and kayaks have by far the highest fatality rates per million hours of exposure (.42) as any other boat type". In use hours, canoes and kayaks have a far higher death rate than the deadliest vehicles: Ford/Firestone had 200 deaths 1993-2000, but these vehicles were far more numerous and were driven far more hours daily. Canoes and kayaks are far fewer, and are not paddled daily! They are much more deadly than any car when used.

Canada, where ice and cold restricts use to a few summer months, has a far higher death rate than the U.S., where in Florida for example, paddling occurs year round. In Canada's largest province Ontario, 15 victims died between April and September 2010, including 6 school children, all in canoes. This remarkably high number of children is due to a longstanding Ponzi scheme sheltered by the Ontario Provincial Police to protect criminal wrong-doing by several OPP officers and 2 Attorneys General, Bentley and Bryant, a criminal safey fraud killing over 200 Canadians since 2002.

Obvious Rescue Safety

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This book shows the extremely obvious and very inexpensive means to make canoes and kayaks so safe that they are used by some Canadian Search and Rescue Professionals. They launch airbag sponsoned kayaks from their big Zodiacs to paddle among the rocks fully flooded, attach the victims to fore and aft decks, and paddle back to the Zodiac for treatment of hypothermia, shock, etc. (The 10 year old girls can also rescue large, disabled adults: since they only need to crawl over a submerged gunwale!) Some Canadian Search and Rescue Professionals in the Canadian Coast Guard are the most advanced in the World.  (Note: sprayskirts on large kayak cockpits can't keep large waves out, constitute a severe entrapment risk, and kayaks can't be pumped out in these conditions anyway. Besides, the water inside the kayak coupled with airbags sponsons operates as neutral buoyancy ballast to increase stability. The lower the flooded kayak is in the water, the less affected by wind and breaking seas. And the easier to attach a victim to the deck before paddling to safety.)

The US Military Special Forces, 10th Airborne, Fort Devens, Massachusetts, evaluated airbag sponsons for military kayaks, involving the Military Kayak Teams of 12 NATO countries. These soldiers know how to stay alive, like the Canadian Search and Rescue folks too, Spring 1994.

"basic, no nonsense...dramatically and...capabilities... It should be noted that within the North American civilian sea kayak industry there is some controversy...Sea Wings' direct competition with...the paddle float...the merits of Sea Wings...far outweigh those of the paddlefloat...During the IMKP 1994 we used Sea Wings with all our rescue boats as back-up flotation/stability for awashed kayaks needing assistance pumping out in heavy seas. In addition, IMKP's rescue kayak was fitted with Sea Wings on a permanent basis which allowed us to be far more stable in possible rescue operations...Sea Wings dramatically increase re-entry operations with capsized boats. Indeed, even with heavily loaded boats (those approaching 1000 lbs.) most paddlers can easily re-enter the kayak. However the most notable advantage of Sea Wings is with lightly loaded boats; ie, those kayaks which are far less stable (more tippy) than fully loaded boats. Recovery operations are far more difficult in these boats and most students have extreme difficulty in mastering the necessary techniques. This is compounded in heavy seas. Sea Wings offers an almost guaranteed method of re-entering a lightly loaded kayak even in heavy seas. Stability increase in heavy seas. Paddling in extremely heavy seas is difficult. Sea Wings offer the crews an additional method of dealing with such sea states. One of the most dangerous situations a detachment can find itself in is that of towing a disabled crew with full operational loads in heavy seas at night. The employment of Sea Wings dramatically increases the safety margin. In my opinion, this is one of the sponsons' most important contributions to MAROPS... As an historical footnote it should be noted that circumpolar kayakers (Greenlanders and Inuit) employed a similar sponson/ float for stability. It differed significantly though from Sea Wings in that it was free floating; i.e., there was apparently no harness system and stability came from pushing down on the float on the side of the kayak. In addition, during the late 70's and early 80's we employed a similar system with our commo boats. Waterproof bags were blown up and hand held to the sides of the kayak while communication was conducted. The point here is that the idea of some sort of support on the sides of the kayak for stability is very old and universal." Invitational Military Kayak Paddle 1994 Evaluation (10th Airborne, Fort Devens, MA)

See some pictures of a cheap, 13 foot kids' camp kayak, 24 inches wide. It is fully flooded, with no sprayskirt as you see in both pictures. My friend Jack does need his paddle as a brace to stay upright. He is swept sideways in the large breaking wave, at high velocity for a hundred feet. Essentially what you see is a flooded airbag sponsoned kayak "surfing sideways" like a very short but much wider surf board. The Canadian Search and Rescue "Human Rescue" Kayaks are even better in dangerous waves because they are 3 feet shorter and several inches wider to begin with, for much greater stability, manuveurability and surfing performance in especially rough seas.

It is a pleasure to speak with Canadian Coast Guard Search and Rescue Professionals who possess such astute understanding of hydrodynamics. It is rewarding to see canoes and kayaks used as superior rescue craft in Canada before anywhere else in the World,  instead of just seeing the poor safety of canoes and kayaks as "another accident waiting to happen."

See how low in the water this kayak actually becomes below. In the picture above the kayak is only partly filled before the big wave engulfs the "sideways surfer", leaving the kayak flooded to the coaming.


Canadian Government Criminal Rescue Safety Scandal

Incidentally, all of this knowledge was part of the Canadian Coast Guard Airbag Sponson Study, conducted by a dutiful Canadian Coast Guard Search and Rescue Officer, August, 1994, Victoria, B.C. This study was covered up by corrupt members of the CCG Office of Boating Safety to enrich the Canadian canoe and kayak instructors lobby. And stroke the ego of  the Canadian canoe and kayak rescue safety lobby, that uses expensive instruction to kill (in a most agonizing method.) There is no canoe and kayak safety since there is no means of rescue. There is no canoe or kayak rescue safety: a pretty simple concept! Check this canoe with the smaller, long, 1987 orally-inflated (6-puff) sponsons:

or, a few photo shots earlier:

The CO2 Airbag Sponsons afford over twice the buoyancy leverage of these 1987 airbags sponsons above, with much less drag, paddling to shore. Most importantly, like any true safety device, they just work by pulling the inflation cord. No training needed.

Any Canoe and Kayak Rescues that require "Practice", are not to be entrusted with Human Life, they must just work, fool-proof and fail-safe; like PFDs, Life Rafts, Seat Belts, Helmets, etc.

These tiny kids, without previous instruction or experience, easily overcome the enertia of a 1 ton totally flooded canoe, to rescue disabled adults who only need to crawl over a submerged gunwale. (Normally both airbag sponsons are set like the lower one below, so leaning on one sponson spills out most of the water.) Any 10 year old girls can save themselves without instruction or experience, and rescue very large and disabled Adults! They can spill most of the water out, as shown in the pictures, when airbag sponsons are set normally, like the lower sponson.

In fact it is impossible to flood any canoe over the gunwales when these sponsons are normally set. The only way to create THESE airbag sponson pictures AS SHOWN, with a fully FLOODED canoe, is to set one sponson higher, so one gunwale is always underwater. Simple science.

This is obvious to any educated or experienced person. The tremendous water-ballast of this canoe with $25 CO2 sponsons makes it almost totally unaffected by rough seas. This is obvious safety stability. Canadian Coast Guard Search and Rescue staff know this. But  4 Transport Canada staff have destroyed these facts, in favour of Degrading Propaganda.  Any intelligent naval architect knows this. Most people can understand this.

Of course most 10 year old girls don't paddle a 3,000 lb canoe standing up! This is only to demonstrate that they can easily, without experience or instruction, maneuver such a heavy canoe even standing up. and they can easily pick up large, even obese, disabled adults who only need to slide over an easily submerged gunwale.

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada Report Number M93W0008 still exists:

"2.8 Emergency and Safety Equipment: The side sponsons and/or paddle floats were not inflated and installed ahead of time to assist the kayaker to reboard after a possible capsizing or to increase the stability of the kayaks. Consequently, when the kayakers entered an area of rough seas, they had to keep paddling to keep their kayaks upright. Each kayak was equipped with these floats. The secondary use of the sponsons, i.e. to increase the stability of the kayaks, was not foreseen before the kayaks encountered severe weather."

United States Government Criminal Rescue Safety Scandal

It is rather obvious that anything called a "rescue" or "safety" should be unconditional, and work every time, like car seat belts, ABS brakes, car air bags, CO2 inflatable PFDs, helmets, etc. It self-defeating nonsense to have many "rescues" for canoes and kayaks: any rescue must be so reliable, fool-proof and safe, that there is no point to any other "rescues" that are not.

Unless you want to sell a rescue safety scam. And you think that torturing people to death, even young children, with expensive and deadly instruction is OK. Even fun.

Any "rescue" or "safety" that requires time-consuming "practice", "training", or "experience" is not a "rescue" or "safety". It is a means to make money by making canoes and kayaks as dangerous as possible, requiring ever-increasing training, that is expensive, time-consuming, and without end or confidence regarding "what is enough?"

It is, for certain people, a means to degrade, torture and kill: to make themselves feel superior; whereas 10 year old children can easily rescue themselves and others.

This is the criminal part, the wilful and reckless endangerment of human life for profit using DEGRADING PROPAGANDA;

Whereas Any 10 Year Old Girls, Without Previous Experience or Instruction Can Easily Rescue Themselves and Many Others From Deadly Waters, Far Superior To The Most Expert Instructor.
Grieving families are similarly degraded (somehow their grief was the fault of their loved one); and deprived of their legal rights and community sympathy.

Two of these Girls Died (the obvious picture is courtesy of LTVNews, that also covered the Coroner's Inquest below.)

Canadian Girl Guide Murders: "After that Ryan described how her canoe,... She described efforts to keep the young girls occupied by playing word games. Ryan was also trying to keep the girls calm and instructed them to not fight the rocking of the canoe in heavy waves. Panic continued to grow as the young girls hung on to the canoe which continued to take on water and finally capsized. Ryan instructed the girls to huddle with her to preserve body heat in the cold water. The group drifted for some time before Erica spotted land and wanted to swim toward it. An attempt was made, but the group didn’t make any headway. Ryan got the group together to preserve body heat but later noticed Erica starting to slur her words –a sign of hypothermia. Later Erica started to flail her arms and Monique Lewis, who was holding on to her became afraid. Later Erica began moaning and groaning and the group yelled at her for a period of time in an attempt to keep her alert, but eventually all movement stopped and she began frothing at the mouth. Ryan said a similar process began shortly after with Megan and in an attempt to preserve the 11 year olds (sic) body heat she let go of Erica “thinking she had passed.” Megan deteriorated in similar fashion and shortly after Ryan spotted a helicopter flying overhead...." LTVNEWS, Coroner's Inquest, May 12, 2004.

In America and Canada we have identical scams. The death rate in Canada is over three times the US rate, averaging at least 25 deaths annually in a country nearly 10 times smaller in population, with a paddling season mainly July, August, and a few warm weekends in May, June, September and October.

But why should Americans stand for about 90 dead in canoes and kayaks on average, every year? Especially since they neither seek; nor should they seek this instruction, that to most of people is ridiculously impossible in emergencies and obviously bogus.

The Public is not so stupid! See these canoe/kayak death numbers on the US Coast Guard website (Office of Boating Safety). The American Canoe Association (ACA) uses different death numbers, and lobbies the USCG politically, to allow these deaths. (See the USCG document below. And pressure on the US Coast Guard to deny $25 CO2 sponsons to the US public. The Office of Boating Safety is very small, a half dozen civil servants in charge of canoe and kayak safety for the entire United States. They can be pressured, fired and replaced by any Washington Lobby group at any time.)

This study totally mis-states the findings of the US Military Special Forces Study* from Fort Devens, Massachusetts; although I find that the USCG has been generally more kind and compassionate to citizens than their Canadian counterparts. I have the original US military study above my computer as I write this, postmarked Fort Devens, MA 1994:

"basic, no nonsense...dramatically and...capabilities...", as above. They want rescue safety. I attended the Invitational Military Kayaking Symposium at Fort Devens*. The only other civilians invited were Canadian author John Dowd and the 2 top kayaking champions flown in from Thule, Greenland. The military kayaking teams from about one dozen NATO countries also attended this event and participated in the 200 mile ocean race. I have credentials established over the past decade with the Canadian Geological Survey, the US Coast Guard (including a study funded at $27,000 US), and the Coast Guard of the United Kingdom, among others.

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Although I understand these USCG employees' predicament, this study has deliberately contradicted the US Military KayakingStudy (10th Airborne, Fort Devens, MA) above, that maximizes survival of US soldiers; to favor the Murder Scam of the American Canoe Association (ACA).

I have thousands of pages of documentation for the ACA and other canoe and kayak lobby groups. I want to emphasize that Phil Cappel and others at the US Coast Guard have phoned me at home in Canada (knowing that I had been very upset, especially regarding the murdering of children for profit.)  I want it on record that there are decent citizens in the USCG. Homeland Security, that administers the USCG, does not work properly. Powerful lobby groups are to blame.

After New Orleans, problems are known to exist within Homeland Security (that now includes the USCG). In Canada, it is not much different. I find the US Coast Guard to be more responsive and compassionate toward their dying citizens. In Canada they are consistently cruel, stupid, and arrogant, (at least in the highest ranks); as would be expected from a Liberal government bureaucracy that has ruled almost without political opposition since WW1.

National Boating Safety Advisory Council (NBSAC), part of Homeland Security:

"Phil Cappel* said that he didn’t know what a sponson was before the topic came up.  The report was to come up with what a sponson was and what they do.  They were not sure if it was something they should pursue. The USCG is coming to the Council to see if its (sic) worth the Coast Guard’s time and money to do more scientific research on sponsons. Canoes are unstable, and if people want to canoe you cannot make a canoe a rowboat 5’ wide.  Where do they go from here?
Randy Edwards agreed.  He said that they should pass this information onto the paddle industry and let them discuss this amongst their own ranks. Phil Cappel said the opportunity exists.  ABYC is working with Paddlesports to modify H-29, and that may be a place they could have discussion as to whether they should put sponson information...Eric Shepard asked whether the report should be released as is...Jo Moon said the report should be released because it has good information, as the listing of the historic patents.  If they were valuable, they’d already have been incorporated.  The public does need to know that there are products available, but it is an industry issue through publications on how to canoe and kayak to release this information." (NBSAC minutes April, 2004, see USCG website).

Note my underlining above, NBSAC minutes on the USCG website. The Public are left to be murdered for profit by the industry. About 90 Americans die agonizing deaths in canoes and kayaks annually. Over a dozen are American children!

There is No understanding in the above document of numerous other scams in Washington, or Enron, Worldcom, Tycos, etc. The canoe and kayak industry makes far more money on fraudulent and deadly instruction than the one-time sale of a canoe or kayak! Just look at the money trail here. They don't want rescue safety. They don't want $25 CO2 Sponsons. And the USCG National Boating Safety Advisory Council doesn't even consider the need to save these 90 deaths a year!

See my email to Phil Cappel and his reply later on in this book, about 600 agonizing canoe and kayak deaths ago. NBSAC and the USCG responds to the Washington lobby groups by giving funds. You will see American Canoe Association (ACA) rescue safety policy that tortures citizens to death in the chapters following, degrading the dead victims all the while.  Mr. Cappel* seems to be very decent and compassionate on the telephone, but he obviously cannot do anything about this. See his email and Jo Moon in the Minutes above. This is a fairly common response to the lobbying.

They are suckered by the ACA. Citizens die agonizing deaths, tortured in cool waters, in terror, thinking of loved ones whom they will never see again.

"Phil Cappel suggested leaving the item for the next meeting so they can see what comes from the ABYC standard for canoes and kayaks."... not support mandatory PFD wear on all boats... In this same study, 34 percent of the boaters surveyed said they would reduce or stop their boating if PFD wear were mandatory, but Dr. Mahoney doubts that boaters would really do it.  If mandatory PFD wear is passed, he will survey again to see how many actually stopped boating."

This scandal is without precedent in any democratic country. The victims are in fact killed for the profits of the Canoe and Kayak Industry. Very small industry, very large cost to society. The kicker however, is that the victims die agonizing deaths. Drowning has been used as a torture for thousands of years. A Very painful torture, but not killing the tortured if they are allowed to draw a breath at the last moment. Of course the American Canoe Association prevents that Last Breath, for dollars. In the US, paddling occurs all year round, compared to Canada. Just look at these quotes from the USCG-funded, American Canoe Association's "Critical Judgment 2":

"From the figures in Table 10, it appears that fatalities were evenly divided between calm water and water classified as choppy, rough , or very rough by the USCG. It is likely that the majority of people in the U.S. who go canoeing or kayaking prefer to paddle on relatively calm waters, such as small lakes, ponds, and quiet rivers." pp.22-23...The majority of these fatalities had more than 10 hours experience (71 %) with just less than a third reporting more than 100 hours of experience (Table 13)." p.23...If we assume that on a any given weekend day, there are 10,000 canoes and kayaks paddling America's waterways, then there are 10,000*104=1,040,000 paddler days each year when people are at risk. In the last two years for which data are available, the average deaths per year was 87. The unadjusted risk per paddler day is .00008 or 8 fatalities per 100,000 user days." p.27

One user day has 24 hours maximum, so 1,040,000 user days a year equals 24,960,000 use hours. 87 deaths per 24,960,000 use hours equals 3.49 deaths per million use hours, according to ACA "Critical Judgment 2".

I had thought that USCG report 071-01, reporting .42 canoe/kayak Deaths per million exposure hours Was Far Too Low.

In the US, The American Canoe Association, lobbying and lying to the USCG, tortures at least 90 citizens to death annually, In Canada, the Canadian Recreational Canoeing Association and the Ontario Recreational Canoeing Association murder at least 25.

Murder Method:

Even if they wear a PFD, the victims will succumb to the cold water fairly quickly, even if the water is 70 degrees Fahrenheit. And even waters in Florida are not usually that warm. So the victims wearing a PFD soon lose the ability to hold their heads out of the water, and drown in terror, thinking of their loved ones whom they will never see again. Think of the 2 boys near Suwannee, Florida, February 26, 2005: Sean Wilkinson, and Clay McKemie, both 14, from the Darlington School in Rome, Georgia. They spent their last minutes in terror thinking of their families, whom they would never see again. (The school had done this trip without problems the year before, using a power craft as a safety back-up.) But this year the propellor became entangled in a rope, and of course canoes are denied any means to allow the boys (wearing PFDs) to escape the water. If canoes had fool-proof $25 CO2 airbags, the boys would have escaped the water immediately, with no training or experience needed. Just like the 10 year old girls in the pictures above.

The American Canoe Association (ACA) has lobbied the US Coast Guard to prevent these $25 airbags since 1993. They are against any government regulation of their industry, as they plainly state (Pamela Dillon taking over from Jeff Yeager) in all recent issues of their magazine "Paddler". They have known about this rescue safety issue specifically for 5 years, as their attorney, David Bookbinder can attest. (He has now resigned, after attempting mediation with Gordon Black and myself over this issue, years ago.)

They don't want rescue safety: "All national paddlesports organizations combined comprise just one percent of committed users and a tenth-percent of the total user group...To represent paddlers to regulatory agencies with legitimacy, an organization should represent at least 10 percent of the sport's committed users...The ACA is the paddlesport organization best placed protect paddlers from paddlecraft registration, required education and mandated PFD use...protecting our sport from needless government regulation." (Paddler, Sept./Oct., 2003, p.84)

The canoe and kayak industry has no respect for human life (with a few notable exceptions), and tortures victims to death with fraudulent instruction that cannot save anyone, for dollars.

This is all very powerful stuff. But not powerful enough, apparently, to prevent what is essentially murder in the second degree, of  about 120 victims in canoes and kayaks annually, in the United States and Canada.


A "Super-race" of canoeists and kayakers is supposed to exist, far superior to the victims, but in fact the super-race cannot rescue themselves or anyone else from the water using a capsized flooded canoe, unlike the 10 year old girls. To become a member of the "super-race", much expensive instruction must be purchased by the public; although it cannot save the purchaser in the water, no matter how "expert", or thousands of dollars spent, or years of practice. It is impossible to degrade these dead victims unless a "super-race" is fabricated, to whom the victims are "inferior". The super-race need not be an ethnic or racial entity, merely a group that is "superior" so the victims did not "measure up" and died due to their own failings. Until the level of degradation is significant, most people find it unpleasant and difficult to kill these otherwise completely innocent victims, of all ages and cultural groups. Also, society will not tolerate the killings until government propaganda has sufficiently degraded the victims so that their deaths, no matter how cruel and agonizing, no matter that they are the children of someone in Canada or the US, are accepted. The victims are to blame when they are sufficiently degraded.

You will note that Enron, Worldcom, and the other Criminal Frauds in the news, did not kill anyone. (At least directly. One understands the deleterious effect on the health of a retired person suddenly losing all of his or her life savings.)

This book elucidates the same Process of Degrading Propaganda, used by the American Canoe Association, that baffled Prosecutors at the Nuremberg Trials. Cruel Nazi murderers showed "normal" love and caring for their own families, and inspired the famous Milgram Psychology Experiments. (Google "Milgram". The Harper's article by Dr. Milgram of Yale University is probably the best reference. Or See: Chapter 7: The Milgram Studies and Criminal Rescue Safety
( Better to understand these psychology experiments directly from the "horse's mouth".) There are many spins and takes by academics and interest groups regarding these most important experiments in psychology. Police forces, the military, etc. of every modern country use this knowledge to prevent excesses of torture and violence, even among "the good guys".*

*These experiments are no longer permitted due to the ethics of universities around the world; since the subjects (about 65% of any normal population within any country), suffer emotionally from realizing that they will follow simple orders to the point of extreme torture, and even death. No money, no force, just "obedience" to some order: to inflict pain and suffering for a very simple "reason." Of course every major philosopher, from Hobbes to Nietzche, every writer from Swift to Shakespeare, has written about this fact of human nature. This human nature can be changed very quickly of course, by using the law, just as in the Nuremberg Trials. Or any other criminal court in Canada and the United States.

You Can Save These Lives

You can approach your local newspaper. You can contact your local police department. You can approach your Public Prosecutor (Crown Attorney in Canada), State Attorney or the Attorney General's Office in any State in the US, with this information. They are very busy; but if they see this book and pictures, they may act very soon.

Now we have 1500 canoe and kayak deaths since 1993 in the United States and Canada. If you look, you will see that the Victims are always "to blame", for their own agonizing deaths. It is easy to trick people into risking their lives unknowingly. This is the reason for police protection and laws regarding criminal fraud. The Canoe and Kayak Industry has largely escaped the consequences of these laws, despite the horror of these deaths, especially to children on school trips, and on guide and scouting trips around the world. This online book, available to government and civil legal authorities will eventually use the power of the Internet to stop this. I have thousands of pages of documents. It will take some time to edit these for this book.

Many people are very willing to torture children and adults to death. I am a former scoutmaster and YMCA counsellor/canoe instructor, since the sixties. I grew up with people like myself, who would not dream of using superior knowledge and experience to hurt another innocent person. Unfortunately, modern marketing-without-ethics culture has destroyed the fundamental values of  responsible society. You will see that the US government, and the Canadian government, despite thousands of warnings; and acknowledgement of these warnings, have continued to leave these innocent victims, even children, to die in the water. And then blame them for their own deaths!

You will see that the PFD factor is used to justify these deaths, and further degrade the innocent victims. Transport Canada teaches putting PFDs on in the water, suggesting that this is a reliable safety practice in emergencies; while at the same time advising the public to always wear one. (The PFD is taught to be put on in the water, by almost all Canadian school boards, accounting perhaps for the much higher Canadian rate of death.)

Halton District School Board Operational Policy
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML
... the following skills: ? Proper entry/exit from a canoe ? Self rescues into dry
or swamped canoes ? Canoe over canoe rescue procedures ? Synchronized ... Canoe%20Guidelines%202.doc%203.pdf - Similar

In America, the ACA does not do this because USCG law requires that children up to 13 years of age must always wear a PFD.

But the ACA is very much against any mandatory PFD wearage law (arguing sometimes that this would affect the popularity of the sport.) They use the extremely high death rate to market their fraudulent instruction! Many states have passed mandatory PFD wearage laws for canoes and kayaks. The USCG has no mandatory PFD wearage law, buckling to the ACA lobby. However, the USCG does not recommend putting a PFD on in the water: always wear one! (The ACA recommends paddling a fully flooded canoe to shore and other fraudulent rescues that are, of course, impossible.) They don't want rescue safety: "The ACA is the paddlesport organization best placed protect paddlers from paddlecraft registration, required education and mandated PFD use...protecting our sport from needless government regulation." (Paddler, Sept./Oct., 2003, p.84)

In Canada, Transport Canada does teach putting a PFD on in the water!

An RCMP officer was killed June 3, 2005 when he sank immediately on patrol of Lake Okanagan wearing heavy boots and
other equipment, sufficient to sink anyone immediately, and preventing anyone from putting a PFD on in the water (as
recommended by Transport Canada's "Safe Boats" (safe-boats.pdf): "Children should be encouraged to wear their lifejacket or PFD at all times. They should learn how to put them on in the water." p.47. This contradictory and deadly misinformation is
repeated in the Transport Canada MTAC Safe Boating Study Guide:  "To put on a PFD in the water, follow these procedures:

   · Spread the device open with the inside facing up out of the water
   · Rotate the PFD so you are looking at the neck opening
   · Put both arms through the arm holes
   · Lift arms over the head
   · Position the device around your upper body
   · Fasten the device to fit snugly"  (

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Canada has used the PFD blaming excuse much more than the US Coast Guard. Nevertheless, the latest statistics from the USCG (See their website, Office of Boating Safety), reveals that the numbers of dead in 2004 wearing PFDs has sharply dropped to about 20%, whereas the previous 5 years showed PFD wearage to be about 33%. And some years with more canoe and kayak deaths than other years, show that more of the dead in canoes and kayaks are wearing PFDs! It is obvious that PFD use cannot prevent deaths if there is no means to get out of the water. PFD or not, body heat loss is 25 times the body heat loss in air. Since we are all warm-blooded (about 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, we die fairly quickly with only a slight drop in body temperature. Hands stop working quickly, heartbeart becomes irregular, and finally the head cannot be supported by neck muscles, resulting in drowning.

Please Note:

Please Do Not Contact the berieved families referred to in this book. They have been severely hurt, especially those who have lost their children. I have some contact with these families, but I always have used a trusted mediator: a family member, minister of their church, police chief, or other persons sensitive to the issues of grief counselling.

Please realize that all of us wish to believe that our governments try to potect our children and ourselves. Depending on the stage of grieving, a family member may deny the plain facts and subscribe to the government degradation of their loved one, simply because this may feel less painful at the time. Some reason, no matter what it is, may be better than "no reason" for the death of their child. Please remember this. Eventually the hundreds of thousands of caring people will be able the support these grieving families within social networks. But first we have to recognize the criminal behavior for what it is. Eventually the berieved will have an opportunity in media, film etc. to confront the wrongdoers in a healing fashion. Lawsuits and courtrooms are poorly designed for healing. But they are a start.*

*The process of degradation of dead victims to perpetuate crimes against humanity, is of course very familiar throughout human history. The best documentation of this process is contained in the Nuremberg Trials and the new books published annually on Nazi Germany. Stalin murdered 30 million and Mao Tse Tung even more, but the documentation in Germany is much more thorough and accessible. This inspired the famous Milgram psychology experiments.

I can be contacted by anyone at the websites below. I shall be fair, like any journalist or criminal prosecutor. But the reality is that some very nasty criminal behavior has been committed.

The findings of the US Military Study closely resembled the conclusions of the Search and Rescue Officer Colin ______, headquarters, Canadian Coast Guard, Victoria, B.C. at Ocean River Sports/Current Designs, Victoria B.C., the Canadian study being destroyed (by Jon Churchill, Canadian Coast Guard, friend of Brian Henry, owner of the above and a friend of mine.) Please note that the instruction dollars for fraudulent instruction are far more powerful than Brian Henry and his company (that he recently sold.) To Brian's credit, he was obviously in some emotional distress when I sat beside him at the West Coast Sea Kayaking Symposium, Port Townsend, Washinton State, 1994 on a beachside log. You see, he would have been bankrupted quickly by other competing companies (Necky, Nimbus, etc.) who use the (would be) out-raged instuctors as salespersons. I don't blame Brian, (I did not then), nor many other people who may at first glance appear to be villains; but in fact are part of a simple economic system that unlawfully kills large numbers of the population for no economic benefit to society.

The search and rescue flights, funerals etc. make the canoe and kayak industry a most conspicuous deficit to any society. Especially considering that everyone can rescue themselves with $25 CO2 airbags, and survive many hours, even days, when they are out of the water. That was the finding in Nazi Germany. There were only 80 prosecutions at the Nuremberg Trials for deaths and torture in the cold water experiments. The Nazis stopped after they found out that Battle of Britain pilots needed a means to get out of the water immediately (life raft). This idea is rather obvious, is it not?

Degrading Propaganda is the most effective tool to create and perpetuate such horror as found in The Nuremberg Trials and inspiring the famous Milgram studies. Degrading propaganda occurs in other countries apart from Germany. Contemporary US companies such as Enron have had an anti-social attitude. (Think about the Titanic reference,"going down with the lights on." There was no consideration for the defrauded taxpayers of California by this Enron player.) Degrading propaganda exists in the canoe and kayak industry because there is such opportunity: water is so deadly, and canoes and kayaks are so unstable. This callous and anti-social attitude toward agonizing canoe and kayak deaths is not so surprising. In Toronto, Canada, a full decade after the liberation of Auschwitz, Jewish people could not join many social clubs. That was before anti-hate laws in Canada and America. And the cruel canoe and kayak deaths in the United States and Canada are ultimate hate crimes.

Degrading Canoe Rescue Propaganda cannot long withstand the scrutiny of a courtroom or the readership of a newspaper. This is a simple but horribly cruel and deadly scam; perpetrated, denied and covered-up. Some police officers change their opinion of canoe rescues very quickly, after about 2 simple questions; although most answer the first question correctly the first time: No means to escape deadly waters exists, wearing a PFD or not. And death in the water is inevitable in Canada or the United States, any time of the year if you do not get out, wearing a PFD or not.

Most people want canoe and kayak rescue safety.

It will take months to complete this book; since the information is increasing daily. One online advantage is that I can include information from government officials and individuals who have decided to stop hurting people, and work to save lives.

Essentially, what we want is a world in which we can better love one another, and care for one another. Canoes and kayaks are a good place to start, with very specific and scientifically verifiable facts regarding what saves a life (get a victim out of the water to safety), versus criminal fraud and wilful, reckless endangerment of human life. The current canoe and kayak scam bears a remarkable resemblance to the design of the original Milgram psychology experiments: torture, death and all.
Except the pain and deaths are real.

And of course Dr. Milgram at Yale University designed these most famous social psychology experiments after studying the Nazi monsters at the Nuremberg Trials, who could appear so "normal", kind and loving to their own families. History, as the saw goes, does repeat.

You can go to  for other information, including contact information.

You can buy this book online for more details: "Canoe and Kayak Scam Kills 1000 Americans: US Coast Guard Studies Device to Save Victims". Simply type this title into Google, Yahoo, Ask Jeeves etc. and find it at various online bookstores. It has my 6 and 9 year old daughters on the front cover, in a totally flooded canoe, with the 1987 version of the Airbags or "Sponsons".

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Chapter 1: Canoe and Kayak Rescue Safety Scandal, US Governmental Affairs (
Chapter 2: Canoe and Kayak Rescue Safety Scandal, Canadian Governmental Affairs
Chapter 3: Fundamental Lifesaving Error in Rescue Safety of Canoes and Kayaks, No Level Flotation Standard: Responsible for Thousands of Deaths Since 1978
 Chapter 4. Recognition by All Major Authors of The Simple Facts of Human Life Saving and Canoe and Kayak Rescue Safety
Chapter 5: Criminal Fraud in Canoe and Kayak Rescue Safety
Chapter 6: Blaming Victims for Their Own Deaths Through Degrading Propaganda
Chapter 7: The Milgram Studies and Criminal Rescue Safety
Chapter 8: Legal Developments in Canoe and Kayak Rescue Safety
Chapter 9: Ongoing Reckless Endangerment and Death in Canoe and Kayak Rescue Safety. The Intent.
Appendix: Ongoing Police and Homeland Security Investigations in Canada and the United States, Regarding Criminal Canoe and Kayak Rescue Safety. Canada:
Appendix2: Ongoing Police and Homeland Security Investigations in Canada and the United States, Regarding Criminal Canoe and Kayak Rescue Safety. America:

Supplementary OPP Appendix:

1. All universities in the world, after replicating Milgram experiments in every developed country: Canada, Germany, France, Norway, South Africa, the UK, and the US, etc., stopped these experiments, due to the extreme distress suffered by subjects knowing that they would torture and even kill an innocent "experimental victim", simply because they were asked. I have simply replicated these Milgram experiments with victims who would be tortured to death anyway! Most significantly,  the subjects (canoe and kayak "experts") mostly suffer no remorse, guilt or anxiety whatsoever, regarding their torturing to death of about 120 victims annually. I believe that I have made clear references in many chapters, to major authors who do indeed speak out against the lack of canoe and kayak rescue safety.

2. But this is the truly remarkable finding of these new experiments! The original Milgram experiments were discontinued at universities around the world due to the ethical concerns regarding the stresses suffered by the experimental subjects, when they discovered that they could torture, even to death, perfectly innocent victims; simply on the instructions of the experimenter.

3. The power of Degrading Propaganda makes it OK for these innocent citizens, even children, to be tortured to death by Police, Transport Canada, US Coast Guard officials, etc. Once they have been sufficiently degraded, their lives are worthless; as they are blamed for their own deaths to perpetuate the criminal scam. No-one, certainly not myself, could have predicted such behavior, before this book/study.

4. It is foolish indeed to think that human nature has been changed by the Nuremberg Trials, or other tribunals for Crimes Against Humanity. Constant vigilence is necessary or we shall continue to see illegal torture in the prisons of Iraq, like Abu Ghraib. Or police violence in Ontario against unarmed native peoples: about 12 men, women and children who occupied their own burial ground at Ipperwash.